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Volunteer Opportunities

We are living in the Dhamma of transitions, with deep reflections on the Buddha's teachings of the Sangha's interdependence with the lay practitioners community.  The month of July is full with the activities of moving from our old rented vihara to the new, long-term monastery, owned by our support community.  The blessings of this time are not just in the Opening Blessing ceremonies on July 16th and 17th, but also include all the work and support leading up to the opening and all the work and support that follows the opening and leads to actually moving into Dhammadharini Monastery.

What is needed:

Basic Support (food and rides):

July 7 - 31:  Breakfast and Lunch meal offerings and offering of allowables (more information on useful foods will be made available to you on request).  Offerings can be made anytime between 6am and 11:30 am.  (Generally the breakfast is scheduled for 7am and lunch for 11:00 or 11:30 am but some time adjustment is possible, as solar noon--when the monastics must finish eating--is not till 1pm this time of year.    
July 7 - 31: Rides between Vihara and Monastery, Monastery and Vihara, running errands and other basic transportation needs. 

We do not have a resident steward at this time. It is most helpful and supportive if food offerings are prepared food, not grocery or money for grocery.  This is to allow all present, including any visiting volunteers and the samaneri, to fully put their time and efforts into preparations for the transition from the rented vihara to the monastery, as is needed at this time.

Please email dhammadharini.monastery@gmail.com with the support items you would like to offer.  Information about medical diet needs will be available to our Lotsa Helping Hands supporters and by request to  dhammadharini.monastery@gmail.com

Transition Support:

specific work lists and work days.    List coming SOON. 
  • Packing up the vihara library - anytime between July 6 and July 23.  
  • Packing up the vihara kitchen -  anytime between July 19 and July 23.  
  • Deep cleaning vihara kitchen for move out - July 23 or 24th.


The following basic daily needs are most every day:

7 am          breakfast and allowables offering at old rented Grange Rd vihara in Santa Rosa
10:30 am   lunch offering for Ayya Tathaaloka at old vihara
11:00 am   ride offering to other monastics from old vihara to new monastery
11:30 am   lunch offering for monastics at new monastery
5:30 pm     ride offering to monastics from new monastery back to old vihara

The basic daily needs and specific transition activities will updated as the transition month unfolds.  As needs are met they will be marked off on Dhammadharini's page in Lotsa Helping Hands.  The easiest way to learn about specific service opportunities is to register as a member here

Dhammadharini Volunteers