Special Residential Opportunity

Kitchen Manager at the new Dhammadharini Monastery 

Your help is welcome for the transition into Dhammadharini's new location

After 10 years in rented and donated spaces, our Bhikkhuni Sangha is putting down roots at the rural edge of the San Francisco Bay Area, at a property purchased by Dhammadharini Support Foundation in 2016.

Long or short-term stewardship is an important support for the bhikkhunis’ way of life. Stewardship is a time to stay closely together with the monastic sangha, to participate in the contemplative life, perhaps to explore your interest in monastic ordination. Stewards are the conduits and caretakers of the generosity and kindness of the whole community, a position of much merit. As volunteers, stewards receive room and board.

The Kitchen Manager is a special type of steward. 

If you are happy and at ease in the kitchen, you may fill this important position for a few weeks, a few months, or longer. You would oversee the preparation, shopping and storage of food for the monastery, manage a special medical diet for one of our monastics, and prepare some of the meals.

Phone: (707) 583-9522 | Email: dhammadharini.monastery@gmail.com

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