Full Moon Daylong Retreat at the Monastery

Full Moon Daylong Retreat at the Monastery  

Saturday, October 15 

Mindfulness of Breathing and Full Awareness

Mindfulness and clear comprehension in all activities is a basis for both calming the mind and insight.  

Welcome to Join us for this day of practice with Ayya Suvijjana and the monastic community at the new Dhammadharini Monastery

For details check our calendar here

RSVP to dhammadharini.monastery@gmail.com 

8:30-9:00 am  |  Arrive and settle
                  9:00  |  Guided Meditation
                  10:15  |  Dhamma Reflection
                 10:45  |  Setting up Dana Meal (bring a dish)
                 11:00  |  Dana Meal
      12:30-4:30  |  Sitting and Walking Meditation
                  4:30  |  Closing Dhamma Reflection
                  5:00  |  Tea and Departure for Day Visitors

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