Alms Round
Updated July 2017
The Tradition

Pindapat is the monastic alms round, practiced by the Buddha and all the following generations of Theravada Buddhist monastics. Traditionally, one sees the fully robed monastics carrying the round alms bowl through towns and neighborhoods, having emerged from the seclusion of their dwelling places … walking silently, mindfully, slowly, with senses guarded, not soliciting donations and not proselytizing. Money is not accepted. 

Whoever wishes to offer food may approach or invite them to pause on the street or at a house or shop. The bhikkhu or bhikkhuni receives food from anyone who offers, without discrimination. For those who give, however little, the alms round is the chance to savor the blessings of generosity. For monastics, the Buddha's exhortation to make ourselves worthy of the people's generosity inspires us to develop our practice and moral virtue to the highest level. 

 You are welcome to contact Dhammadharini if you would like for our route to stop by your home, shop or workplace,

Friday Alms Round in Sebastopol

Second and fourth Friday of each month.

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Tuesday Alms Round in Petaluma

Every Tuesday 

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