Upcoming Teachings & Events

We are delighted to have these wonderful Dhamma & meditation offerings to share with you. Please mark your calendars and participate as much as you can.  New moon daylong retreats are offered at our new monastery monthly (on Saturdays close to the new moon).  There are evening Dhamma & meditation teachings at the Dhammadharini Monastery as well as those offered in Fremont, Oakland, Alameda, San Rafael, Santa Rosa and Ukiah by Dhammadharini Bhikkhunis.  

Scroll down for details.  The complete calendar of public events can be found here.

 Vassa, the Monastic Rains Retreat,  July 8 - October 5

Since ancient times, Vassa is the season when Buddhist monastics undertake a three-month period of stability, stopping most of their outside travels, and deepening their practice and communal life, 

Longtime friends of our community Mahin & Sepali together with their daughters--the whole Gunasekera Family--will be the lead supporters of our Dhammadharini monastic community's Vassa observance, and they have pledged to offer the Kathina cloth upon the completion of the Vassa. Doing so is a beautiful tradition from the time of the Buddha until now in the Theravada Buddhist cultures of South & Southeast Asia and around the world. The Gunasekera Family warmly invites you to join them in supporting and contributing to the Vassa.

​Joining in the Vassa Practice Together​
It is a long-standing tradition for Theravada Buddhist people to make special effort to draw near to the Triple Gem and specially exert themselves in the practice during the Vassa period. Thus, in Southeast Asia the Vassa is called "Buddhist Lent." People will go to spend the entire Vassa practicing together in the monastery, or for some period, or specially endeavor on their own to give up habits that do not serve them well, and to put in place habits that do serve and well support them.

It is a special time to cultivate Dana (Generosity & Charity), Sila (Ethics & Moral Virtue & Integrity), and Bhavana (Meditative Cultivation & Contemplation of Dhamma).

Having monastics in our midst and being able to be with them is a support for us. Even if you are far away, we can link together by intention to support one another. We encourage you to make the utmost of the rare opportunity we have, knowing it is a limited-time opportunity. Our bhikkhunis are most kindly offering us these ways to join them in the practice:

Monastery or Hermitage Stay

Come and stay at the monastery or hermitage for a period of time during the vassa and join in the monastic life and practice, wearing white, with the eight precepts: includes collective and individual meditation, Dhamma talks, Pali & English chanting, mindful service in support of the community. {email hermitage or monastery and fill out residential visit application, limited spaces available}

Join in Daylong Retreats

Join for the New Moon Daylong Retreats monthly at the monastery.   See below for dates.

Come Together for Dhamma and Meditation Teachings

Interspersed with their personal retreat times, our bhikkhuni teachers will be offering Dhamma and meditation teachings regularly throughout the Vassa {see calendar}

Make a Determination to Self-Practice

Set a routine of Dhamma reflection and practice for yourself during the Vassa time. Give up something you are better off without for these three months. Bring in something of support. Share with others.

Events this vassa and beyond:

 Day Long Retreats,

Saturday, October 21 at the Monastery:

Using various modes of meditation:

Mindfulness of In and Out Breathing for Samadhi 

..the fifth daylong in this series
with Ayya Suvijjana 

8:30 am• Arrive and settle
9 to 11 • Sitting and walking meditation
11 • Dana Meal (bring a dish)
12:30 to 4:30 • Sitting and walking meditation
4:30 pm• Closing Reflection

To include guided and silent meditation periods.  Welcome to join all or part.

Upcoming Day Long Retreats at the Dhammadharini Monastery - Mark your calendars

Saturday, November 18th:
Mindfulness of Death and Dying to balance the mind and heart

 Kathina, Sunday October 29 at the Monastery

You are welcome to join for all or any part of the day's festivities. This year, Mahin & Sepali Gunasekera & their family will offer the Kathina cloth together with dye and thread to the Bhikkhuni sangha.  The materials are offered early in the morning, and must be measured, cut, sewn and dyed to make a finished monastic robe, all in one day.  Following the ancient tradition, the sangha will choose one worthy and capable member to receive the Kathina cloth.  There will be Dhamma talks, a meal offering, a chance to help with sewing, and activities throughout the day.  

 Bhikkhuni Ordinations at the Monastery, Sunday December 3

Samanneri Niyyanika of our Dhammadharini Sangha and Samaneri Anuruddha of Sati Saraniya Hermitage in Ontario will request the Upasampada -- full Bhikkhuni Ordination -- from the assembled Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni Sangha. All welcome.

Mark your calendar! More info to come.

❧  Ongoing Programs: Alms Round in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Petaluma

New schedule during standard time, Details here

❧ Weekly Programs

at Dhammadharini Monastery in the Sonoma Mountain area in Penngrove. Please be sure to check calendar here for all weekly programs, or join Dhammadharini's MeetUp group

Dhamma Sunday (attend all or part) Sunday program. 

 9:30-10:00 |
10:00-10:45 |
10:45-11:00 |
11:00-1:00 |
1:00-2:30 |
 Instruction for beginners to Buddhist meditation
Set-up for potluck meal (welcome to bring a dish to share)
Blessings, meal dana, pot luck and meal clean up
Sutta Study. 

Monday — Quiet day for monastics and residents, no formal programs
Tuesday 7:00-8:30 pm — "Meditate with a Monk" meditation instruction, meditation & Dhamma reflection followed by Q&A (open group - drop in)
Wednesday through Sunday
7:00-8:30 pm — Evening puja, sutta chanting and silent meditation

❧ Ongoing Evening Meditations & Dhamma Teachings 

in Fremont, Oakland, Alameda, San Rafael, Santa Rosa & Ukiah: check calendar here to confirm dates

- Monthly on the last Tuesday with "Dhamma Tuesdays" at Wat Buddhanusorn in Fremont 
- Monthly on the third Wednesdays at Yoga Mendocino in Ukiah {info
- Every other month on Wednesday with Against the Stream in Oakland {info}
~ Periodically with Marin Sangha, San Jose Vipassana and others (check calendar here to see schedule)

May all benefit greatly in their meditation and growth in mindfulness, insight & wisdom!

Friends are always welcome to visit the monastery and the hermitage individually or in groups, to offer meal dana, meditate, listen to the Dhamma, or help out with practical chores.  Please contact us to plan your visit.

Dhammadharini Monastery 
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