2600 Year Anniversary of Founding of the Bhikkhuni Sangha

The theme of this issue is, “Bhikkhuni Sangha" and includes these articles:

Feature Articles

Bhikkhuni Stories

  • ”Determined to Do It” by Ayya Gunasari
  • ”I Live as a Begger” by Ayya Medhanandi 
  • ”Ordaining and Renunciation” by Ayya Nirodha

More stories and teaching will be available in the upcoming book Let the Light Shine


  • >Upasampada for Santacari Bhikkhun
  • >Reflections from Ayya Jayati
  • Entering Monastic Life and Ordaining as a Bhikkhuni

Monastery Development in the U.S.

  • Dedication of the Dhammadharini Monastery by Lulu Cook
  • Aloka Vihara
  • Mahapajapati


Theravada Bhikkhuni Places of Practice in the U.S.