Operational Costs

General Operating Costs Support for our Sangha

The following is a list of items that the Dhammadharini [Support Foundation] and the Friends of Dhammadharini aspire to be able to offer in support of our Bhikkhuni Sangha here in Northern California this year. We will offer this basic requisite support, special items and special support of Sangha as general and specially designated donations are pledged and offered. 

You can either contribute to or adopt a project, as well as making general donations for whatever is most 

General Operations Support p/a

* Telephone and Communications: $1700
* Postage: $300
* Food for Monastics: ~$400/wk during the vassa, ~$150/wk in the winter
* Property Taxes: $550
* Utilities: $3600
* Bank Service Charges: $350
* Liability and D & O Insurance: $1470
* Supplies for General Maintenance: $2000
* Local Public Transportation: $400
* Gasoline for Vehicles: $3000
* Vehicle Insurance and Registration: $2400
* Vehicle Repair and Maintenance: $1000
* Tolls and Parking: $250
* Household and Office Supplies: $1000

For further information or to pledge for an expense or project, please contact us. To make a designated or general donation, visit our donations pages. All general donations will be applied to what is most urgently needed. Remember, any amount is helpful -- thank you!

Thank you for all of your generosity, kindness and support!!