Monastic Medical Fund

Medical Care for Bhikkhunis and Novices;   Dhammadharini/AfB Bhikkhuni Medical Fund

Warm greetings, dear friends of our Bhikkhuni Sangha

Thanks to a person's very generous donation to the Alliance for Bhikkhunis (AfB) establishing a fund for Bhikkhuni Medical Expenses, for the past five years, our American Dhammadharini bhikkhunis medical expenses have been supported by a medical grant.

This has been a tremendous relief to us, as our dear monastics are precious to us all, and provide a shining example of devotion to the Dhamma. We are most concerned about providing for the health and welfare of the bhikkhunis and women entering monastic training, especially now as their numbers are finally beginning to increase. As part of this support we have made the commitment to provide basic medical insurance to fulfill the medical requisite, together with the community's donations of food, robes, and lodging.

Our ability to be able to do so these past year has depended entirely on your spontaneous and unsolicited acts of generosity -- for which we and the monastics are grateful every single day.

Since the AfB Bhikkhuni Medical Fund was established, the number of bhikkhunis in North America has wonderfully increased, bringing joy to many people around the world. The original amount donated to the AfB Bhikkhuni Medical Fund was limited. The provisions of the donated fund were that it would pay bhikkhuni's medical expenses above and beyond the ability of those bhikkhunis or their support organizations' own abilities to provide.

Dear friends, it is the ardent hope and wish of our Dhammadharini Board of Directors to be able to continue to provide our women's monastic community with medical care, in addition to our offerings of lodging, meal dana and robes. We will be able to do so if the funding is available either through the Alliance for Bhikkhunis or through our Dhammadharini religious not for profit organization.

We do not wish to see the lack of basic medical care become a stumbling block to the healthy growth of the Bhikkhuni Sangha in America.

If you would like to join us in contributing to Dhammadharini's Monastic Medical Fund, it will provide for the bhikkhunis and samaneris at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage as well as Dhammadharini Monastery. If you would like to join with the original donor through the Alliance for Bhikkhunis Medical Fund, it disperses donated funds for medical care where most urgently needed among all of the bhikkhunis of the North American Bhikkhuni Association. Please consider availing yourselves of the options listed on the menu to the right of this page.

Both Dhammadharini and the Alliance for Bhikkhunis are able to receive either one time or recurrent donations online. All funds that are donated dedicated for bhikkhunis and samaneris medical expenses to either are used exclusively for this purpose.

Be sure to mention if you wish to specify that your donation be for Monastic Medical Care. You may wish to support  medical expenses for our international monastic visitors; bhikkhunis and samaneris, who are not covered by our group medical policy.  Undesignated donations are always applied towards what is determined to be most imminently needed.

Many thanks and "Anumodana" for your generosity that has made the living presence of the Bhikkhuni Sangha here possible today.

Shari Gent,
Dhammadharini President Emeritus, for Inspiring Generosity