Supporting Our Bhikkhuni Sangha

Support for our bhikkhunis comes from you, dear friends, ​in conjunction​ with ​our​ Dhammadharini support foundation.

In places where the Sangha gathers together such as Dhammadharini, this sangha gathering is an important time of communion, community building and strengthening together. It is a time that provides opportunity for study and practice of both Dhamma and Vinaya, together. 

For new bhikkhunis and those in training, it is only when a bhikkhuni sangha is gathered together that there is the opportunity to train first hand in all of the rights and responsibilities of full Sangha functions. These practices and this knowledge and fluency is what unites smaller sanghas with the greater international Sangha. 

The times the Sangha gathers in harmony strengthen and support the monastic community and Buddhism as a whole, fulfilling the vision of the Buddha for the long term of the Sasana (sharing of the Dhamma) that he set in motion and established. Gathering and practicing together so puts down and deepens roots for Buddhism in America.

It is our honor, here with Dhammadharini to be able to take part in and to support this. 

Traditionally Buddhists have thought it to be a great merit to be able to have the opportunity to offer such support to the Sangha as "Sanghadana". One of our elder bhikkhu mentors, Bhante Seelawimala, translates "merit" (Pali: puñña, Thai: boon), as "positive energy". The positive energy of generosity and virtue are essential elements in the foundation of the gradual and progressive Path of Practice as taught by the Buddha. Having such a healthy, wholesome and positive foundation allows our practice of meditation and insight to further stabilize and develop. This allows for liberating breakthroughs of wisdom to happen, rather than the breakdowns that can occur when the human mind/heart opens without the integrity of such a context and network of wholesome and positive energy, that is, without puñña in the supportive network of sangha.

Supporting the Sangha during Vassa:  the Monastic "Rains" Retreat

Since ancient times, Vassa has been a time when Buddhist monastics undertake a three-month period of stability, stopping most outside travels, making a pledge to practice together, and deepening their practice and communal life, This year's Vassa begins the day after the full moon July 28th and lasts until the third full moon later October 24th. Kathina is scheduled for November 11th.

Longtime friend of our community Upāsikā Tịnh Hỷ - Samathasukhā and Dhammafam group will be the lead supporters of our Dhammadharini monastic community's Vassa observance this year. They have pledged to offer the Kathina cloth to the Sangha upon the completion of the Vassa. Doing so is a beautiful tradition from the time of the Buddha until now in the Theravada Buddhist cultures of South & Southeast Asia and around the world. Upāsikā Tịnh Hỷ - Samathasukhā and Dhammafam warmly invite you to join them in supporting and contributing to this year's Vassa and Kathina.

Offering the Four Requisites

The traditional four monastic requisites are food, lodgings, robes and medicine. 

If you would like to join together in supporting our monastics' Vassa this year, there are are ways you can contribute the four requisites from near and far:

lodging requisite 

Join in supporting lodging expenses at the monastery and hermitage by making a one time or recurring monthly donation 

Several days of the month are still available for sponsorship. See Monastic Lodgings and Meal Dana Sponsorship Calendar  (scroll down) to find a day.

Thank you and anumodana to those who have already pledged to offer monthly monastery lodgings dana.!

food requisite 

- Come to the monastery or hermitage to offer a meal dana, either one time during the Vassa, or regularly.
- Come out to offer food at our bhikkhunis' regular pindapat alms rounds in Sebastopol and Petaluma.
- Sponsor one or more day's Meal Dana each month for the monastic community at the hermitage (contact Dana coordinator Lal).
Several days of the month are still available for sponsorship. See Monastic Lodgings and Meal Dana Sponsorship Calendar  (scroll down) to find a day.

Thank you and anumodana to those who are offering monthly Grocery Dana!

medicines requisite 

Offer needed medicines & supplies in person or via web order. Email to the hermitage or monastery, to learn what is needed. Useful Things List containing medicines is available online here.

robes requisite

Offer robes and warm wear for Kathina on November 11th, 2018.  After the Kathina robe is offered, needed robes and winter warm wear may be offered as part of the Kathina Robe Season during the cold season from November 11th thru February 19th. If you would like to offer warm wear, please check in with the hermitage or monastery as to what is needed--thank you!

Anumodana and much appreciation for all of your Sangha Gifts which support our monastics living the Holy Life in the Buddha's Way.