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Ven Analayo's Articles on Bhikkhuni Ordination

Dear friends,

Mettā to you from the windy winter Sonoma hills -

A number of you have written to me recently asking for Ven Bhikkhu Anālayo's article/s on bhikkhuni ordination.

His article "Legality of Bhikkhuni Ordination" can be found here in English {download}. It is also available here in Thai, Sinhalese and Burmese translation {download}.

Ven Anālayo is a prolific writer and highly talented scholar, and there are a number of other articles that address aspects of the subject available on his publications page here {link}.

Further articles from Ven Anālayo publication's page that might be considered most relevant to the subject of the revival of bhikkhuni ordination in the Theravada traditions and/or the Tibetan Buddhist traditions follow -

> "On the Bhikkhunī Ordination Controversy" {download}

> "The Revival of the Bhikkhunī Order and the Decline of the Sāsana" {download}

> "Attitudes Towards Nuns: A Case Study of the Nandakovāda in the Light of its Parallels" {download}

> "Theories on the Foundation of the Nuns' Order – A Critical Evaluation" {download}

> "Karma and Female Birth" {download}

> "Women's Renunciation in Early Buddhism - The Four Assemblies and the Foundation of the Order of Nuns", in Dignity & Discipline is not available for PDF download, but can be read online on Google Preview » here.

> "Mahāpajāpatī's Going Forth in the Madhyama-āgama" {download}

> "The Gurudharma on Bhikṣuṇī Ordination in the Mūlasarvāstivāda Tradition" {download}

> "Global Concerns and Local Requirements in the Bhikkhunī Ordination Controversy" {download}

Dear friends, i hope these articles may be helpful for your understanding, for all who may be interested. Please feel welcome to share this information with friends & colleagues. With true knowledge comes a kind of liberation.

With warm-hearted mettā,
Ayyā Tathālokā
- ❧ -
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