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NEW!   From Bhikkhu Analayo

1.    Where women stand - Bhikkhu Payutto

2.    Re-establishment of Theravada Bhikkhuni Order in Sri Lanka

3.    The restoration of the bhikkhunisangha in the Theravada tradition - Petra Kieffer-Pülz

4.    Female Monks in Buddhism (Buddhapadipa Thai Temple) - Dhammacaro

5.    Female Monks Revive Buddhist Tradition After 1000 Years,2487,0,0,1,0

6.    'Going Forth' and Entering the Flow - Ajahn Thanasanti

7.    Dhammadharini's 5-Year Anniversary & Bhikkhuni Ordination at the Hermitage

8.    Status women in Buddhism

9.    The Place of Women in Buddhism - Swarna de Silva

10.    Uninhibited monastic life for nuns [Bangkok Post],8395,0,0,1,0

11.    Buddhist Nuns in Burma - Dr. Friedgard Lottermoser

12.    Ordination of Women - Ajahn Brahmavamso

13.    Monks and women, Nuns and men - Ajahn Brahmavamso

14.    Ordination of Nuns by Monks - Bhante Sujato

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