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Bhikkhuni Publications Project

Proposed Bhikkhuni Publications Series

The vision is for a series of high quality, free distribution, publications about Bhikkhunis and women in Buddhism to support the revival of the Theravadan Bhikkhuni Sangha, and to inspire and bring joy to people everywhere. 

We hope to do this by: bringing stories and examples of wise, inspiring, compassionate and courageous buddhist women into everyday awareness; making the early history and contemporary landscape of women in buddhism common knowledge; and to nurture a deep sense of connection and 'at-homeness' for women within the textual traditions and historical unfolding of Buddhism. We would also like draw inspiration from the Bhikkhuni Vinaya, both for women who have a monastic calling, and for those who would like to deepen their understanding of the nature of this training. 

We hope that by becoming more aware of the past precedents for the lives of women within the Theravada Buddhism, women (and men) will be able to more clearly identify the value and relevance of what the Buddha taught, in their own
 lives, right now.

The Proposed List of Publications: 

Bhikkhunis Past and Present

- Early Bhikkhuni History

- The Contemporary Theravadan Bhikkhuni Landscape

- A collection of essays and personal reflections about Bhikkhunis from the four-fold assembly.

Inspiration from Bhikkhunis

- A collection of stories, inspiring images and myths about women from the early Buddhist literature (these can take many forms: art, personal reflections, fictional re-constructions, poetry, essays, . . .)

- Audio compilations of Dhamma talks

- Collections of inspiring writing from 20th Century Bhikkhunis.

- Re-translation of the Therigatha

- Essays on the Therigatha and on the Bhikkhuni Apadana

Bhikkhuni Vinaya

- A critical examination of the textual tradition and approaches to it, including essays on the Garudhammas, Sanghadisesa 3, Sikkhamana Training

- A publication celebrating monastic and lay styles of Dhamma practice, which respects the integrity and beauty of the interdependent modes of practice ,and reflects on the mutual obligations, expectations and relationships.

Bhikkhuni Resources

- Some kind of parallel to "The Bhikkhus' Guide" Handbook

-Any other ideas of media that people might be inspired to contribute.

- This series is still in its formative stages. Any ideas, feedback, or contributions (editing, writing, researching, artwork, audio-visual etc.) would be very welcome.

Contact Details:

Ven. Adhimutta Bhikkhuni: adhimutta.bhikkhuni[at]gmail[dot]com