Ordination Useful Things

Samaneri Ordination Image

With deep appreciation,
the items here are useful for the December 3rd Ordination. Some items may be loaned for the day. Some items may be useful beyond the date of the ordination.

May you have every good blessing.

Site improvements supportive of the ordination

Supporting ordaining sangha and visiting monastics

  • transportation costs
  • Repair of Springbar canvas tent, estimated at $180-$210 through Kirkham's Outdoor Products  - provides additional sleeping space and can be used afterward at the monastery or hermitage
  • dehumidifier to support training at hermitage


  • cheese
  • pickled ginger
  • dark chocolate WITHOUT added nuts or fruits  [These are allowables:  dark chocolate, dark chocolate w/ salt, dark chocolate w/ ginger or mint
  • soymilk (aseptic box, needs no refrigeration)
  • unsweetened nut milk (aseptic box, needs no refrigeration)

Food Items: 

*Before donating larger items, please email us to discuss the specifications.

To contact Dhammadharini: 
Email: dhammadharini.monastery@gmail.com, phone: 707-583-9522 or 9523
Shipping Address:  Dhammadharini, 6791 Sturtevant Drive, Penngrove, CA 94951

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