Volunteer to Prepare Monastery for Opening

Volunteer Opportunities for Preparing the Property

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New Dhammadharini Monastery Opening Soon

Volunteer Opportunities for Preparing the Property

Welcome for Opening Blessings

July 16th  and July 17th

6791 Sturtevant Dr. Penngrove CA 94951  

Special Project Days: Meditation hall painting days
  • July 7th - apply first coat of clay paint
  • July 12th - apply top coat of clay paint

              *** Special Need ***
People with simple carpentry or remodeling skills - contact us if you can help in this way.

Please join us for upcoming work weekends:

(RSVP is helpful if possible)

  •   June 25th and 26th
  •   July 2nd - 4th
  •   July 9th and 10th

Weekdays, except July 1st, also possible - please contact us to make arrangements.

For more information email:     dhammadharini.monastery@gmail.com

 New location for Dhammadharini Monastics (Bhikkhunis)

Dhammadharini Support Foundation has purchased a property to be repurposed for a Buddhist monastic residence for women and a sanctuary for meditation and Dhamma study for friends from the broader community.   There are lots of opportunities to help with this transition.

Spend a few hours, a day, or a weekend with the Dhammadharini monastic community helping with necessary preparation for the move in and grand opening.  Offer a meal or a ride.  Come on your own or with your meditation group or friends and family.

Most immediate ways to help

  • Preparation for painting.
  • Painting and plastering interiors with natural clay products and no VOC paints.
  • Minor electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Minor carpentry work
  • Gardening and yard work (the residence is situated on one and a third acres)
    • Tend fruit trees, roses and other plants

    • Remove trash and plant matter and building material

Work Weekend Schedule

9:00 am   Volunteer morning gathering

    • 5 minute meditation
    • Short Dhamma reflection
    • Project work introduction

11:30 am  Meal dana

    • followed by short Dhamma reflection and meal cleanup

1:00 pm    Volunteer afternoon gathering

    • 5 minute meditation
    • Short Dhamma reflection
    • Project work introduction

1:15 pm -   Project work w/ breaks as needed

 4:30 pm   Volunteer gathering

    • Project debrief (if needed)
    • Closing chant

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