Visiting Dhammadharini Monastery

How to use this template

to get the green heading type  - go to the "Format"  menu above and select "Heading 2 (H2)"

This Google template doesn't allow me to set up the heading size I wanted, so we need to set the size manually.
After setting it to H2 style, then select 16pt size for major headings, and 12 point size for minor headings.

setting the page menu at the right

Single click on the Page Listing box
select the item that looks like a cog  - the Properties settings 
choose the page that you want the subpages to be listed in this side bar.  
- usually either the subpages of this page, or the subpages of the parent page.
For example:
Donations page  - page listing is the subpages of the Donations page.
For all the subpages of Donations page - Donate in Person, Donate online etc, the page listing is for the subpages of the Donations page.

setting the Back to Page link

the Back to Page link above the Page listing box should be made as a link back to the Page that the Page listing is showing the subpages of
So in our example above, it would be set to :"Back to Donations Page" and then linked to the donations page

Using the Tangerine font

If you would like to use the flowery "Tangerine" font for a heading or emphasis, you'll need to edit the html.

The html button on the far right of the edit menu will allow you to set this font.
The easiest way is to set the font to one from the drop down list under "Normal" - second to the left on the edit menu.
So this has been set to "Normal/Serif" 

Then go into the html and edit the font tag:

<div><font face="times new roman, serif">So this has been set to "Normal/Serif"&nbsp;</font></div>

would become
<div><font face="Tangerine" size="5">So this has been set to "Tangerine"&nbsp;</font></div>

So this has been set to "Tangerine" 
I had to set size to 5 because Tangerine is a really small font.

You can delete this content and add your own content.
It will not affect the template
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