Programs at the Dhammadharini Monastery

Teaching and Meditation Programs

We offer these open times for friends to join in meditation and Dhamma teaching at the Monastery.  These opportunities are open to all friends of Dhammadharini. 


 8am-5pm | Daylong Retreat. (see Details)

Every Saturday 
 10:30am | Alms food may be offered to monastics (see Meal Dana Roster)
 11:00am | Dana meal & blessing
  7:00pm | Evening puja / chanting & meditation


Dhamma and Open Potluck Day (most Sundays - Check our online calendar to confirm dates
 10:00am | Meditation
 10:45am | Dana meal setup
 11:00am | Dana meal offering to monastics / blessing chant, refuges & precepts / potluck meal
 12:30pm | Cleanup 
  1:00pm | Dhamma reflection / Q&A / Dhamma discussion with the Bhikkhunis
  7:00pm | Evening puja / chanting & meditation


Quiet Day. No work projects or formal programs. Welcome to come in for silent meditation.
 10:30am Alms food may be offered to monastics (see Meal Dana Roster)


 7am-1pm | Bhikkhunis away for alms round in Petaluma (see Details)
7-8:30pm | Evening Meditation & Dhamma Talk (Please RSVP Details


 10:30am Alms food may be offered to monastics (see Meal Dana Roster)
 11:00am | Dana meal & blessing
   2-4pm | Meditation & Sutta Study Class (Please RSVP Details)
  7:00pm | Evening puja / chanting & meditation


 10:30am Alms food may be offered to monastics (see Meal Dana Roster)
  7:00pm | Evening puja / chanting & meditation


 7am-1pm | Bhikkhunis away for alms round in Sebastopol or Santa Rosa (see Details
  7:00pm | Evening puja / chanting & meditation

Special note on Generosity/Dana
The time and space, the presence of the monastics, and these precious teachings -- all will be being offered freely in the spirit of inspired generosity and Dhamma friendship. It is a great treasure for those who are participating in offering and sharing this possibility to be able to do so.

Our monastics live completely on the ethics of freewill generosity. There will be no "dana talks", fees charged, requests for donations, or suggested donation at the vihara. You are welcome, as you feel moved, to contribute to food or useful supplies, to offer your gift of service at any time/s in the way you feel called to, to participate in days of communal almsgiving, to contribute to Vihara rent and utilities, monastic medical or useful things -- and/or to simply share the blessings of the practice with all in your life!

Thank you for your practice. May you have every good blessing...
We hope you enjoy and gain much benefit from the Dhamma teachings!

Dhammadharini Vihara in Santa Rosa
Mailing Address & Physical Address: 5010 Grange Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, USA 
Phone: 1-707-583-9522 

* Sorry, no pets allowed on property

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