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Supporting Vihara Lodgings

Dear friend interested in supporting our vihara lodgings,

Thank you for your support of our Sangha! We hope this page will help make this process easy for you.

First, you can make a one time or recurrent donation. We recommend a monthly recurrent donation of $10 or more. 

If everyone on our Dhammadharini mailing list made a monthly recurrent donation of $10, the expenses for the vihara would be completely covered! 

And, we of the Dhammadharini Support Foundation would feel comfortable and confident to go ahead in purchasing a permanent vihara/monastery for our monastics, and for us to benefit from their presence.

The easiest way to make a recurrent monthly donation is online using our bank card. Info is here below. Of course, it's also possible to mail a check or visit the vihara or hermitage each month. Here's how you make a monthly recurrent donation online:

Secure Online Donations

Online donations through PayPal can be made in the amount you choose. They can be made through your debit card linked to your bank account, most major credit cards, or through your PayPal account. PayPal donations can be made internationally from any country. 

Online donations through Network for Good can be made onetime or can be recurrent, of the amount you choose. Recurrent donations (even small) provide a steady base of support for the development of monastic community. Note: Network for Good donations can only be made by USA residents.

Be sure to write that your donation is for "vihara lodgings" or "vihara lodgings-recurrent" if you're making a monthly gift.

Also, with either PayPal or Network for Good, you can make a dedication when you make your donation, such as for a dear departed loved one, or any other dedication you wish.

Last, please send a brief note to dhammadharini@gmail Att: Maryann to let us know that you are joining our "Dana Devas" by making a recurrent donation of [such and such amount] for vihara lodgings.

Thank you for your support of our Sangha!

May your generosity bring you joy.

~*** ~

Here s/he rejoices, there s/he rejoices --

the doer of beneficent deeds rejoices in both places,

finding joy, inspiration and great gladness

in seeing the fulfillment of their pure intentions and deeds.

-- the Buddha, Dhammapada 16