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Vihara Useful Things

Updated: July  2016
Below is a list of things that are currently most useful for our vihara. Welcome to phone the Vihara (707-583-9522) or email ( to let us know you're planning on bringing something so we can mark it "pledged" on this list. 
 Our Aranya Bodhi Hermitage's Useful Things List can be found here

Your donation may be tax deductible. Please let us know anytime if you'd like an acknowledgment of receipt of your donation for your records.

" ==> means most urgently needed

==> beeswax  (not paraffin) taper and tealight candles

special monastic requisites
==> natural eco-friendly shaving cream - several bottles (example, example)
==> several natural unscented deodorants (example, example, example)
--> Mach III razor cartridges (refill cartridges) always useful (example
-or- Harry's bargain razor refill online plan (example, order "one day per week or less" "blades only")

cleaning & household products 
--> Bon Ami cleaning powder or liquid 
--> filters refill for air purifier (example, note: both filters parts are needed)

--> Samahan Herbal Powder Sachets (example)
--> Umka cold care (examples)
--> Marmite
--> Phytonutrient Complex (example

We Do Not Need (we already have enough of):

-  bottled water
-  bandaids
-  first aid kits
-  white rice
-  pasta and noodles
-  Craisins
-  ibuprofen & Tylenol
-  paper towels
-  winter hats, scarves & gloves
-  body soap
-  laundry detergent

Note: when making web orders through, if you sign into, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to Dhammadharini Support Foundation, or to the charity of your choice.

thank you for your support of our sangha!