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Meal Dana & Monastery Lodgings Dana Calendar

This calendar offers you three possibilities to sign up and offer vital support of food & lodging for our bhikkhunis' community:

1) Offer a Meal in Person at the Monastery or Hermitage
2) Donate a Day of Lodgings at the New Monastery
3) Sponsor the Meal Dana for the Monastic Community for a Day at the Monastery & Hermitage

Offering a Meal In Person at Dhammadharini Monastery 

Meal Dana Roster

Offering a Meal In Person at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage

If you live locally and would like to help in partnership with those who've offered meal dana sponsorship, you can sign up to be a weekly grocery shopper for the hermitage, or visit the hermitage and offer to prepare meals for a day. This is a way to join with someone who is far away and not able to offer in person. Please email  the hermitage for the grocery list. 

You are also welcome to sign up to bring a meal and offer it yourself in person, either individually or with family, friends, or sangha. Bring a meal gives the hermitage kitchen manager a precious day of rest.  Just email the hermitage and let them know, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

Sponsoring a Day of Lodgings at the New Monastery for the Bhikkhunis 

This calendar allows you to sign of for sponsoring a day of the bhikkhunis' lodgings. Dhammadharini's dana coordinator, Lal Senanayake, writes:

"Many supporters near and far made it possible for Dhammadharini support foundation to purchase the place for the new monastery. Now we have the financial responsibility for making monthly mortgage payment and the utilities. The monthly financial cost for all lodging expenses for the whole monastery — including mortgage, taxes, insurance and estimated utilities-- is approximately $3872.

"In order to be financially solvent, we would like to raise the money we need for the monthly expenses. For this we have started a new monthly donation program. This program is called “Provide a Day of Lodging for Bhikkhunis and Much More”.

"Please consider sponsoring the bhikkhunis’ lodging for one day each month. The total contribution per day for all lodging expenses for the whole monastery -- including mortgage, taxes, insurance and estimated utilities for everyone -- would be just $189.

"If this amount is not possible for you as an individual to contribute, consider getting together a group of friends to sponsor the monastic community’s lodging for one day. If you & your family/friends wish to participate in this offering as a group, please have one person as a group lead to coordinate your friends donation for a day. We are hoping for an amount of $189.00 a day as a donation to sign up in our monthly calendar.

"If you are able to donate any portion of one day yourself, but not able to get a group together, you are still welcome to participate — I will make a group for you.

"In the calendar below you can pick the day of the month you/your group wish to offer the lodging. This day will be dedicated to you/your group as the one offering lodging to the bhikkhunis. As the program name suggests, your donation will be for Much More then lodging — for the establishment of Dhamma and for support of those who practice the Dhamma for a long time.

"To sign up for the “Provide a Day of Lodging for Bhikkhunis and Much More”, please contact me ( and pick your calendar day of the month."

Links for automated monthly payments.

Sponsoring the Meal Dana for a Day at Monastery & Hermitage 

This calendar also allows you to sign up to sponsor the groceries for the meals offered to our women' monastic community.   Dhammadharini's dana coordinator, Lal Senanayake, writes:

"Considering many of our supporters live far from Dhammadharini and some are international too — the idea is to allow most of our Dhamma friends an opportunity to offer a meal Dana to the Bhikkhuni Sangha. We hope this new monthly grocery Dana concept will enable participation of many generous donors who wish to support.

"You can pick a day of the month and sign up for the monthly Dana donation. This program allows a specific day of each month dedicated for you and your family to offer Meal Dana and other requisites to the Bhikkhunis. For example: if you choose your day of the month as the 15th. Every month on the 15th will be the Dana day by you/your family. If you are free on this day, you can participate physically at the Monastery or Hermitage for your Dana. Even if you can't be there, Dana will be offered on behalf of you/your family with the support and partnership of local volunteers who will shop, prepare and offer your meal.

"Please send me an email ( to reserve your grocery Dana day. You can include any special dedication in your email. If the day you want is already taken, it is OK for more than one person/family to offer Dana on one day."

Links for automated monthly payments.

Lodging and Meal Dana Sponsorship Calendar

Dana Calendar

Anumodana! May you be well, happy & peaceful. May you yourself have all that you need to grow and flourish in the Buddha's Way.