Ayya Tathaaloka Theri's Dhamma Talks

Ayya Tathaaloka Theri

New Dhamma talks from Ayya Tathaaloka will be posted at: dd.dharmaseed.org

Reflections on Spiritual Friendship (Video)

Practice of Non-Conceit and Humility (Video)

The Way to the Imperturbable (Audio-Sutta Study) 

Misfortune Transformed (Audio) 

Kamma, Rebirth & the Noble Eightfold Path (Audio) 

Samma - Just Right (Audio) 

Freedom (Audio)

Where the Work is Done (Audio) 

Body/Mind Conscience and the Voice of Knowing (Audio) 

Life, Death and the Heart of the Samana (Audio) 

The Hindrance of Sloth and Torpor (Audio) 

Truth and Spiritual Friendship (Audio) 

Mining For Gold (Text) 

Beyond Ambiguity (Text) 

Outstanding Woman in Buddhism Award Speech at the UN, Bangkok (Audio) 

Building Respectful Dialogue, Santi Bhikkhuni Seminar (Video) 

Why Bhikkhuni Ordination?, Santi Bhikkhuni Seminar (Video) 

The Garudhammas, Santi Bhikkhuni Seminar (Video) 

Saffron and Green in the Clear Forest Pool at Gethsemani III (Audio) 

Saffron and Green in the Clear Forest Pool, Gethsemani III (Text)