Full Moon, The Fire, and 1000 Arahants

Dear Dhamma friends,
I write to you now again, returned from retreat, under another full moon, this one the lunar anniversary of one of the Buddha's great and best known early teachings, the "Fire Sermon" or Aditta Pariyaya Sutta, the lunar anniversary of the complete enlightenment of one thousand noble ones, Arahants.  
Such a beautiful ending -- for the sutta ends with the ending of craving and affliction for one thousand persons, becoming Arahants in this world.

Read the Fire Sutta here
Listen to it chanted  here or read aloud by Bhante G here
Learn more about this teaching of the Buddha's here

Having taken a pin, 
I pushed the wick right down, and 
Just as the lamp went out, 
So all delusion of the heart went too.
                  -- Patacara Theri, Therigatha 

Wishing for all,
the knowledge of the Peace
and Freedom
that is the end of craving, 
hatred and delusion,
in great loving kindness,
Ayya Tathaaloka Bhikkhuni