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Standing on the Shoulders of Heroines

We stand on the shoulders of many heroines

It is said that the Buddhasasana — the Buddha’s dispensation — is really established in a new land when her sons and daughters obtain ordination from a harmonious local sangha. 

Now, for the first time, we expect such an ordination for Theravada women, taking care of their own community transactions, with the support of the friendly bhikkhu sangha.
This accomplishment will be a continuation of the efforts and achievements of many. 

 *** We bow in gratitude to all who have conducted multi-tradition ordinations over the years, Theravada and Mahayana sanghas joining together to re-start the Theravada ordination of women.

 *** We bow in gratitude to the Theravada bhikkhus who have conducted "one-sided" ordinations of women.

 *** We respect the Buddhist scholars who have proved the continuity of lineage of women's ordination from Sri Lanka to China, and back again to Sri Lanka, whence it is again spreading around the globe. They investigated the Buddhist monastic code in its technicalities and its whole meaning. They pointed out the Buddha's many compassionate actions in support of bhikkhunis, showing how he overturned obstacles to women's ordination instead of making it impossible. 

 *** We honor the women who have trained and developed as mature, skillful monastic leaders — whether in Silashin, Siladhara, Dasa Sila Mata, Sayalay, Samaneri or Maechee forms — without yet having formal access to full ordination.

 *** All this work was essential before we could find the way forward for bhikkhuni sangha to be fully established in the Theravada.