2012 May Bhikkhuni Ordination at Aranya Bodhi & ABS Temple

Our Dhammadharini community gladly shares news of the full BhikkhuniVutthapana-Upasamapada ordination of our dear Aranya Bodhi Hermitage co-residents, new bhikkhuni sisters Ven. Marajina Bhikkhuni and Ven. Nibbida Bhikkhuni, this past full moon day of May 6th -- Vesak on the Sri Lankan calendar.  

The ordination with the Bhikkhuni Sangha took place very simply and quietly at our Aranya Bodhi Hermitage at sunrise.  The confirmation and completion of the ordination with the Bhikkhu Sangha took place in the afternoon after Amisa Dana at the American Buddhist Seminary's temple in Sacramento with the Bhikkhu Sangha gathered for celebrating Vesak, witnessed by all those joining in the festivities.  

As we now have a local Bhikkhuni Sangha as well as abundant local Bhikkhu Sangha, we are moving away from great groundbreaking into greater normalcy and simplicity. These ordinations were much smaller, simpler and quieter, without amazingly great event planning or sponsored invitations of bhikkhu and bhikkhuni venerables from far away, but with all those who wished to join welcomed.

View a video slideshow of the special Vesak lunch dana and confirmation of the bhikkhuni ordination with the Bhikkhu Sangha here.  

Further photos and video of the ordination with our Bhikkhuni Sangha at Aranya Bodhi will be forthcoming.