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Bhikkhuni Life

Bhikkhunis' way of life

The lifestyle and livelihood of our bhikkhunis follows that of classical Buddhism, which involves training and cultivation in three main fields: virtue, concentration and wisdom. This training first alleviates, then ultimately eliminates greed, hatred and ignorance. Along the way, it leads to personal insight which brings a deep and abiding sense of internal peace, clarity, balance and well-being that benefits not only the individual, but the greater society. 

generosity ... our service

In keeping with classical Buddhist teaching and practice and the sanctity of monastic discipline, the bhikkhunis charge nothing for their meditation instruction or their services to society. They live by the sacred principles of freely-given generosity, kindness and mutual helpfulness, which open and free the heart from its bonds to selfishness. Following the Buddha's example, they do not live in utter seclusion, but may walk quietly through their local community in the morning with their almsbowls, giving them a chance to see their neighborhood closely and to deepen their understanding and compassion, bringing a presence of calm mindfulness and peace. 

If you see one of the rust- or saffron-robed monastics on their morning walk ~ the almsbowls are a chance for sharing an offering of food sustenance, not for soliciting monetary donations. According to their monastic rule, the bhikkhunis walk silently, without mega- or micro-phones, pamphlets, door to door calls, or any other sort of disruption, invasiveness or proselytizing. Generous or interested persons who wish to offer support or to learn more about meditation or Buddhism, may visit or contact Dhammadharin's Santa Rosa Vihara or Aranya Bodhi Hermitage at their leisure, or go to the "Supporting our Bhikkhuni Sangha" page on this site. 


Meditation instruction for insight, health, stress reduction and awakening, together with traditional Buddhist life counseling are freely available on an ongoing basis. All are welcome. There is no discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender-preference or economic status. See the "Bhikkhuni Path" page for more information on the meditation and Dhamma that we practice and teach.