Kathina Day

Sunday, November 8, 2015

at Dhammadharini Vihara

in Santa Rosa 

Joyful Scenes from last year's Robe Offering Ceremony

Dear Friends & Supporters of our Bhikkhuni Sangha -

Kathina is one of the most important events in the Buddhist calendar —  a time of charity, a time for good works, a time to offer and receive blessings.   Since the time of the Buddha, communities around every Buddhist monastery have gathered for Kathina, to offer gifts of robe-cloth and useful supplies for the coming year.

Following the ancient form, our donors will offer plain cloth to the Bhikkhuni Sangha, who elect one knowledgeable Bhikkhuni to receive the Kathina cloth. They measure, cut, sew and dye the Kathina robe — all in a single day.  There is a festive procession and a ceremony called Spreading the Kathina, which refers to the dedication of the completed "Robe of Merit" by the monastic who has received it.  

This year the Kathina cloth will be offered by Saheli Anuththara, together with her parents Varuni and Danushka. Throughout the Vassa, this family has regularly visited Dhammadharini, looking after the bhikkhunis at both vihara  and hermitage, offering food, medicines, and other needed supplies. The generosity of Saheli's family has inspired all of us.

In support of our main donor Saheli's immune system, which is weakened by chemotherapy, we request that anyone aware of having active cold or flu virus please refrain from in-person attendance at the Vihara on November 8.

Our Kathina Day will be an especially joyful event! Dhammadharini is well on the way to realizing our dream of purchasing the property for a permanent bhikkhuni monastery that will be accessible to all. So far, the friends of Dhammadharini have given around 40 percent of expected price of such a new monastery property.  The Dhammadharini support foundation's Finance Committee has been tireless in seeking mortgage financing for the remainder. 

Their message:

"We now have opportunity make our shared dream a reality, by way of financial gifts, personal loans, and pledges of ongoing monthly support. Every dollar given, lent or pledged will bring us closer to success in qualifying for a mortgage and bringing our search to a happy  conclusion. 

We hope that you will be able to attend the Kathina Day events and offer whatever is in your means to share."

Please join us in this important and sacred day of giving and sharing.

SaheliAnuththara & the Jayakody  Family

together with 
Dhammadharini Board of Directors

Come for any part of the day at Dhammadharini Vihara

5010 Grange Rd | Santa Rosa CA

6 am | Offering the Kathina Cloth 
10 am | Buddha Puja Chanting 
11 am | Meal Dana 
2-4 pm | Dhamma Talks 
3 pm | Perahera (festive procession) 
4 pm | Kathina Ceremony

RSVP to (707) 583-9522 / santarosa.vihara@gmail.com

If you live far away and are unable to join us in person, 
you can still join in by offering useful things 
via web order or making a donation 
on or before Nov 8. 

Welcome to send an email to the vihara 
to let the bhikkhunis know about your gift.

To donate for Dhammadharini's 
permanent monastery: 

To offer material goods,
here is a list of useful things,
ranging from simple and basic
to more elaborate items:  
Kathina Useful Things List 

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