2010 Dana-Sala Yurt Raising

Raising the Yurt, June 22, 2010

On Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010,  

14 of us got together 
to raise the yurt 

that had been donated by 
Kemanthie Nandasena, 
family and friends, 

to be a Dhamma- and Dana-Sala for our hermitage. 

The full slideshow can be seen here.

The yurt will be the main place at our hermitage for monastic sangha and friends to gather together.

The place of our daily late morning almsmeal dana, 
of meditation and for listening to Dhamma talks from human lips.

It took 12 of us 11 hours to raise, although 2 of us were not so able bodied. 

We were led by Charles and Tina, both of whom were experts in yurt raising, 
and assisted by 
Michael Phyxx, Jill, Sara, Marcia, Jurasri, Osha, Jill, Brian, Dominic, Samaneri Suvijjana, Samaneri Adhimutta, and Ayya Tathaaloka,

 together with dog friends BeeBee and BuddyLove, and unnamed racoon, and osprey overhead.